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Now with 7765 data streams!

What Is This?

River View is a Public Temporal Streaming Data Service Framework (yes, that's a mouthful!). It provides a pluggable interface for users to expose temporal data streams in a time-boxed format that is easily query-able. (Here's an example of oceanographic data collected at Chicago beaches.) It was built to provide a longer-lasting historical window for public data sources that provide only real-time data snapshots, especially for sensor data from public government services like weather, traffic, and geological data.

River View fetches data from user-defined rivers at regular intervals, populating a local Redis database. This data is provided in a windowed format, so that data older than a certain configured age is lost. But the window should be large enough to provide enough historical data to potentially train machine intelligence models on the data patterns within it.

The type of streaming temporal data contained within River View is ready for processing with Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) systems like NuPIC. And you can create your own rivers by following these instructions.

This is a research project, not production software. If you can find a way to scale it and fix performance problems it has under load, your contributions are welcome. The data schemas, which are not documented, are subject to change. It would be nice if we had some versioning standards in place. Etcetera.

That being said, if you like River View and you'd like to get more involved in its direction and development, come chat with us on Gitter.